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We are B Consultants who have completed the B Lab program. Experienced business consultants that are committed to helping businesses like yours make positive changes and achieve your sustainability goals.

Wanting B Consulting Services?

  • You are a purpose-driven business interested in creating benefits for the greater good of people and the planet.
  • You are already doing good work; now it’s time to commit to measuring all that good stuff.
  • It’s time to recertify your B Corp, and you want to improve your business practices to grow your impact and reach a higher BIA score.
  • You realise measuring your impact takes time, and you need a B Consultant to get you back that time and save money.
  • You are busy working in your business and need someone to work on your business.
  • You have done the B Impact Assessment and would like a coach to help you set some goals, learn some tips and tricks, and guide you through the process.

Let’s Work Together

BIA in 6

Measuring your impact takes time. Over six one-on-one hour-long sessions, we will guide you through the BIA, breaking it down into manageable chunks to suit your time frame (we suggest monthly sessions). We aim to have you ready to submit your BIA for verification on the way to B Corp certification.

Good 4 Business - BIA Refresher

BIA Refresher

Through B Corp recertification, we ensure your ongoing compliance with rigorous social and environmental standards and also actively assist in identifying positive changes within your business. Our process aligns seamlessly with B Corp’s evolving criteria, reinforcing your commitment to purpose-driven excellence.

Good 4 Business - BIA Pre-submission Review

BIA Pre-submission Review

Unlock your path to B Corp certification with the B Impact Assessment (BIA) Pre-submission Review. We meticulously assess your assessment, ensuring accuracy and completeness before submission. Key benefits include fine-tuning, eligibility checks, and tailored support for impact-driven business models.

Good 4 Business -Pro-Bono or Low Bono

Pro-Bono or Low Bono

At Good 4 Business, we believe in the power of equitable opportunities for all. We are dedicated to making a positive impact by offering discounted services to qualified underserved groups. We aim to bridge the gap and support communities facing discrimination and unique challenges.

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What our clients say

“Kathy and Good4Business have led our business through an insightful, thorough and astute process to the essence of who we are, what we do, why we do it and how to most effectively connect with our tribe; the value add will be long term.”

Denise Dyer | Safaris for the Soul